Colloid Mill

Colloid Mill

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Application & Process :

The Colloid Mill, manufactured by AURUS, is a versatile and high-performance pharmaceutical machine that excels in various applications. It is designed to provide efficient particle size reduction and homogenization of liquids, semi-solids, and suspensions.

Function and Operation : The Colloid Mill operates on the principle of high-speed shearing and grinding action. It consists of a rotor and a stator, both of which have specially designed surfaces with adjustable gaps. As the product enters the mill, it undergoes intense shearing and grinding between the rotor and stator, resulting in the reduction of particle size and the formation of a uniform and stable emulsion or suspension.

Usage and Applications : The Colloid Mill finds extensive usage in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical industries. It is ideal for processes that require precise control over particle size and uniformity, such as the production of creams, ointments, emulsions, suspensions, and sauces. The mill effectively blends, emulsifies, disperses, and comminutes a wide range of materials, including pharmaceutical ingredients, food additives, cosmetic formulations, and more.

Capacity Options : AURUS offers a range of Colloid Mills to suit different production requirements. Whether you need a small-scale laboratory model for research and development purposes or a high-volume production model for large-scale manufacturing, we have the right capacity option to meet your specific needs.

At AURUS, we take pride in delivering reliable and high-quality pharmaceutical machinery, and the Colloid Mill is no exception. Its robust construction, efficient performance, and versatility make it an invaluable asset for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries. Contact us today to learn more about our Colloid Mill, its features, and its applications. Our team of experts is ready to assist you, provide detailed information, and guide you in selecting the perfect Colloid Mill for your production requirements. Take the next step in optimizing your particle size reduction and homogenization processes by contacting us for further details or assistance.

Benefits :

  • Precise control via an adjustable gap between rotor and stator
  • 3-way valve with re-circulating pipe for maximum processing efficiency
  • Effortless output via separate discharge spout for highly viscous products
  • Ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options
Belt-Driven Direct-Coupling
HCM-30 HCM-50 VCM-30 VCM-50
Technical Specifications
Material SS316L (contact)
SS304 (non-contact)
Finish Mirror (interior)
Matt (exterior)
Motor 3HP / 5HP
2800RPM, 415V AC, 50Hz
Capacity Upto 1200 Ltr/Hr
Reduction 5 to 10microns
Height 1010mm (Charging)
420mm (Discharge)
Weight 200k
Optional 50kg hopper
ATEX-compliant FLP electricals
Wash-in-Place, Clean-in-Plac

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