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Application & Process :

The Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG), manufactured by AURUS, is a highly efficient and versatile pharmaceutical machine that combines the functions of mixing, granulation, and drying in a single unit. It is an essential equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, known for its exceptional performance, precise control, and superior product quality.

Function and Operation : The RMG operates on the principle of mechanical agitation and impeller rotation, facilitating efficient mixing and granulation processes. The materials, including powders, binders, and additives, are loaded into the mixing bowl, and the impeller rotates at high speeds, creating a vigorous mixing action. The binder solution is then added, leading to the formation of wet granules. The RMG's unique design allows for effective heat transfer, enabling the drying of wet granules within the same equipment, thus eliminating the need for separate drying processes.

Usage and Applications : The RMG finds extensive usage in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of granules used in tablet formulations. It is particularly suitable for processes such as wet granulation, dry mixing, and drying of various pharmaceutical ingredients. The RMG ensures homogenous mixing, uniform granule size distribution, improved flow properties, and enhanced compressibility of the final product. It is a versatile machine that caters to the diverse needs of pharmaceutical production.

Safety and Compliance : AURUS places paramount importance on operator safety and compliance with international standards. The RMG is designed with safety features, including interlocks and guards, to protect operators during operation. Additionally, AURUS offers optional certifications as per ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards, ensuring the RMG's adherence to strict safety guidelines and its suitability for use in potentially explosive environments.

Automation and Control : The RMG can be equipped with advanced automation and control systems, enabling precise process control, recipe management, and data recording. Automation streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and ensures consistent and repeatable results. AURUS offers optional automation solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

AURUS's RMG stands out for its robust construction, reliable performance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing, delivering superior product quality and operational efficiency. Contact us today to explore our range of RMG models and discover how they can optimize your mixing, granulation, and drying processes. Our team of experts is ready to provide detailed information, discuss safety certifications, automation options, and assist you in selecting the ideal RMG for your specific production needs. Take the next step towards enhancing your pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities by contacting us now.

Features :

  • Automated mixing and granulating process in single bowl.
  • High Precision mixing and granulation with Short Batch Time
  • Unique design with four arm mixing impeller with blade angle to push product outward
  • Dual speed mixing impeller for mixing and intensify chopper for granulating.
  • Flush fitting discharge plug is electro pneumatically operated
  • PLC Controls with HMI touch screen