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Application & Process :

The Cone Mill, manufactured by AURUS, is a highly efficient and versatile pharmaceutical machine used for size reduction and granulation processes. Its unique conical design and advanced features make it a preferred choice in the pharmaceutical industry for achieving precise and uniform particle size distribution.

Function and Operation : The Cone Mill operates on the principle of centrifugal acceleration to achieve size reduction. The material is fed into the cone-shaped chamber through a hopper, and as the impeller rotates at high speeds, it creates a vortex within the chamber. This vortex helps to force the material towards the conical screen, where it is further reduced in size through the combined actions of cutting, shearing, and impacting. The adjustable speed and screen options allow for precise control over the final particle size, ensuring consistent results.

Usage and Applications : The Cone Mill finds extensive usage in the pharmaceutical industry for various applications, including size reduction, granulation, and dispersion of dry or wet materials. It is particularly effective in processing heat-sensitive, fragile, or difficult-to-mill substances. The Cone Mill is commonly used for the production of granules, powders, and controlled particle size distributions required in tablet manufacturing, formulation development, and other pharmaceutical processes.

Capacity and Models : AURUS offers a range of Cone Mill models with different capacities to cater to diverse production requirements. Whether you require a smaller capacity for laboratory-scale experimentation or a larger capacity for high-volume production, AURUS has the right Cone Mill to meet your specific needs. Our machines are designed for optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring consistent results and increased productivity.

The Cone Mill, manufactured by AURUS, not only excels in size reduction and granulation processes but also prioritizes operator safety and process efficiency. With advanced features and a commitment to meeting international safety standards, the Cone Mill offers a reliable and safe solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Operator Safety : AURUS understands the importance of operator safety in pharmaceutical operations. The Cone Mill is designed with safety features such as protective guards and interlocks to prevent access to the rotating components during operation. These safety measures minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the well-being of operators.

Compliance with International Standards : The Cone Mill can be provided with certifications as per ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards, meeting international safety requirements. ATEX certification ensures the machine's suitability for operating in potentially explosive environments by preventing the ignition of explosive atmospheres. UL certification assures compliance with recognized safety standards established by Underwriters Laboratories, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Benefits :

  • Impressive throughput with a larger capacity than the other conventional cone mills
  • Tight particle size distribution through a gentle grinding action and quick discharge
  • High-performance design that uses centrifugal force for maximum processing efficiency
  • Effortless ownership experience due to minimal noise, heat and dust
  • Ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options based on requirement
Name UDC-LAB UDC-20 UDC-50
Motor 0.75HP 2HP 5HP
Capacity ≤ 50kg/hr ≤ 400kg/hr ≤ 800kg/hr

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